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Introducing our latest product, the Turmeric Soap! This soap is a game changer for all your skin problems, especially those caused by mites. With its powerful formula, it effectively removes mites and prevents them from forming. No more worrying about greasy skin, large pores or acne breakouts!

Made with a combination of glycerol, sodium chloride and vitamin C among other ingredients such as turmeric and ginger powder/oil; this soap works wonders on your face by making it refreshing,bright, comfortable and smooth.

Not only can it be used for cleansing the face but you can also use it as a regular body soap when taking a bath. The Turmeric Soap is perfect for anyone who loves to take care of their skin naturally.

Get ready to say goodbye to all those annoying skin problems with our Turmeric Soap!

Turmeric Soap

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